Cocktail: Flight of Wine

Create your own flight of wine for the holidays! The Washington Inn serves Stag Leap Petite Syrah, Reserve de la Sayrine Rosé, and Ancilla Lugana Ella—a non-sparkling Italian white wine. Flight glass holders, similar to shown, are available on Etsy.

Cocktail: Cape May Mariner

“The Cape May Mariner has been a popular drink at Aleathea’s since before any of the present bartenders even started working here! It’s become a standby—one of our classic summer cocktails.”

Cocktail: Sawyer’s Summer

Henry Sawyer lovingly built The Chalfonte after an esteemed military career during the Civil War. In honor of the seaside retreat’s 140th season, enjoy this sweet sipping, refreshing cocktail—perfect for relaxing on the porch on a summer evening.

Cocktail: Blueberry Ouzo Lemonada

This cocktail is a cool, refreshing blend of lemonade, grape juice, and fresh mint picked right from our garden, and the added kick of Ouzo, the Greek aperitif. Simply put, it’s a symphony of summertime splendor.

Cocktail: Whiskey Smash

This drink from Congress Hall’s 200th Anniversary Presidential Cocktail menu was inspired by James Buchanan because of his passion for whiskey. It’s an approachable bourbon cocktail and easy to drink. The blackberry and mint help bring out the wood, dark fruit, and chocolate flavors from the bourbon, and makes it a pleasant spring and summer…