To Worship & Preserve

“In August of 1892, the religious society and congregation of Colored Baptist[s] living in the City of Cape May met for the purpose of organizing a Colored Baptist Church. These assemblies of believers were recognized by the West New Jersey Association, and on Dec. 23, 1895, the Macedonia Baptist Church was duly named, certified and […]

Victor Grasso Lightens Up

Running into Victor Grasso at the grocery store is disconcerting. Remember when you were a little kid and you’d see your teacher someplace out in the world? That’s kind of what it feels like. You think of them as belonging in one place, as one thing, and seeing him or her anywhere else feels…weird. Since […]

Soap Story

Spring cleaning is all about making the time to refresh and rejuvenate after a long winter. But while most people focus on the home, don’t forget the body. It’s time to clear out the old bath products and look into a few of these handmade varieties from local artisans. When customers step into Bath Time, […]