Following Up on the Foster House

Two years ago, Cape May Magazine published an article about the Lower Township Foster House, an almost 300-year-old house that had remained in the same family until willed by the last descendent, Isabelle Foster Sakewicz, to the Cape May County Museum and Genealogical Library in 2006. It was subsequently sold to Cape May County and…

An Old Gray Owl Returns

Preserving the soul of a community through the care and restoration of its historical architecture—one house at a time. They had names like The Puritan, The Lexington, The Van Jean, and The Martha Washington. Each home was listed on a page in a catalog, featuring a black and white illustration, floor plans, a brief description,…

What Broad Shoulders You Have!

The dwindling “off” season makes Cape May a (nearly) year-round destination. As recently as a couple of decades ago, Cape May was seen primarily as a summer destination. Like many New Jersey seashore communities, the proverbial sidewalks would roll up after the summer or maybe early fall and stay that way until the following spring….

A Cape May Connection

Black Cape May hotelier, Thomas Dorsey had a pivotal role in the fight against slavery
by James TerBush and Barbara Dreyfuss

Harbor Square

Movies in a theater are back! And Harbor Square is the place to go.
by Danielle Davies