Freedom’s Corner

In the tense years before the Civil War, when heated debates about slavery resonated in the halls of Congress, when churches increasingly denounced its evils, when free blacks were beaten in northern cities, when thousands of courageous, determined people managed to free themselves and escape north, Cape May was deeply embroiled in this struggle for […]

A Story Told In Slides

It has been more than half a century since two major fires ripped through Schellenger’s Landing. The first, in 1966, destroyed the Lobster House restaurant, and the second, a year later, incinerated Fisherman’s Wharf and threatened a major explosion.  Just this summer, a treasure trove of never-seen-before photographs of the wharf inferno was shared with […]

Smuggler’s Paradise

TV viewers may be familiar with the iconic opening from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Bottles of liquor from some unknown smuggler’s boat wash ashore on the Atlantic City coastline at the feet of fictitious Prohibition kingpin, Nucky Thompson. The isolated sandy shore of South Jersey was a convenient offloading spot for Prohibition smugglers. But the same […]

Golden Slumbers

On the evening of December 8, 1980, Gene Schultz, now a Lower Township resident, but then of the prestigious Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in New York City, was assisting a family with funeral arrangements for their deceased loved one at one of Campbell’s associate chapels. During their solemn preparations, Gene and the family became […]

Culinary Cape May: A Gastronomic History

“Cape May is the place of places for an epicure. All our great hotels…have become famous justly for their cuisine. Everything that the world gives in the edible line is to be found in the bills of fare of our Cape May hotels—aye and on their tables.” Cape May Ocean Wave, August 24, 1878 More […]

Scalloping: Addicted to the Adductor

For brainless, primitive bivalve mollusks, Atlantic sea scallops lead pretty interesting lives. The deceptively simple organisms live in vast beds along the ocean floor. Tucked just beneath the sand, where they burrow for safety, scallops are virtually invisible at first glance. But these plucky little creatures aren’t content to let life just pass them by. […]