The View from Here

People like to go to the top of things. Don’t ask me why. And it’s no good asking them, either, because they don’t know. Nearly a century ago, a reporter from the New York Times asked George Mallory why he wanted to go to the summit of Mount Everest, and he famously answered, “Because it’s…

A Rare Vintage

Ed Wuerker likes classic planes so much, he bought one: a vintage TBM Avenger, built in the waning days of World War II. The single-prop torpedo bomber, one of the few that remain from a fleet of 10,000, still flies out of Cape May County Airport.

Brew Crew

Seven or eight years ago, two young men who’d met in college at Villanova in 2001 began to fool around with beer-making. From the rooftop of an apartment building in Park Slope in Brooklyn, Ryan Krill filled his bathtub with snow, begged and borrowed some used equipment from local restaurants, and concocted his first batch…

Cocktail: Cape May Mariner

“The Cape May Mariner has been a popular drink at Aleathea’s since before any of the present bartenders even started working here! It’s become a standby—one of our classic summer cocktails.”

Cocktail: Sawyer’s Summer

Henry Sawyer lovingly built The Chalfonte after an esteemed military career during the Civil War. In honor of the seaside retreat’s 140th season, enjoy this sweet sipping, refreshing cocktail—perfect for relaxing on the porch on a summer evening.

To Worship & Preserve

“In August of 1892, the religious society and congregation of Colored Baptist[s] living in the City of Cape May met for the purpose of organizing a Colored Baptist Church. These assemblies of believers were recognized by the West New Jersey Association, and on Dec. 23, 1895, the Macedonia Baptist Church was duly named, certified and…