Cocktail: Blueberry Ouzo Lemonada from the Pier House

This cocktail is a cool, refreshing blend of lemonade, grape juice, and fresh mint picked right from our garden, and the added kick of Ouzo, the Greek aperitif. Simply put, it’s a symphony of summertime splendor.

  • 30 fresh blueberries
  • 3 sprigs fresh mint
  • 2oz Ouzo 12
  • 6oz white grape juice
  • 2oz lemonade
  • Greek honey

Muddle blueberries and mint with a drizzle of Greek honey. Combine in a shaker with Ouzo 12, white grape juice, and lemonade. Shake and pour over ice. Garnish with mint or a lemon wheel and a honey sugar rim. Top with champagne.

Remembering Forgotten Warriors


In January of 2016, winter storm Jonas hit southern New Jersey, leaving a mark that rivaled the famous nor’easter of 1962. American Legion Post 184, part of the VFW building located on Pacific Avenue in Wildwood, set up a relief center for the community. Thirty tables were filled with food, clothing, and essentials. The relief effort was organized by various veterans’ organizations: The VFW, American Legion, and the local chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America. These groups are comprised of men and women who served the United States Armed Forces throughout the world. Today they continue that service as civilians in Cape May County.

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Our Neon Neighbor

Caribbean Motel
Caribbean Motel

In the 1950s and 1960s, Wildwood was a town where bungalows and old, boxy boarding houses by the beach were being replaced with the newest motels, complete with air conditioning in the rooms,  zig-zag balconies and jutting rooflines, and a slide into the pool outside. The Wildwoods became a mecca for the post-World War II nuclear family, where boomer teens could steer a surf green Chevy down Pacific Avenue with a gal on the bench seat and Buddy Holly on the AM, cruising toward a world without war and its prefab suburbs—and maybe even outer space.

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Seeing Spots


The Cape May County Zoo was once the region’s best-kept secret. Tucked away on a quiet 85-acre stretch of Route 9 in Middle Township, hidden among stands of scrubby pine trees and native flora, the zoo at the county park was always loved by locals, but for tourists, remained an afterthought—a place to take the kids on non-beach days.

As zoos go, it didn’t have much of a reputation; heck, the place didn’t even charge admission.

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A passion for the past


On a crisp fall morning, while exploring Cape May County’s richly colored trails and idyllic back roads, you might find yourself happening upon a small pond in a wooded section of Cape May Court House. You may be charmed at the sight of ducks floating peacefully on the water’s surface. It is not an unusual sight until the serenity is unsettled by a sudden splash. A dog darts into the water to retrieve a bright orange object that has been thrown among the ducks. A young man wearing a green Mackinaw cap steps into a clearing and sips from a steaming thermos. He watches the dog navigate its way through the ducks and return to bank of the pond with the orange foam training bumper in its mouth. The man is 21-year-old Cooper Rossner, and the ducks, as well as the dog, are his. The dog is being trained for its first season of duck hunting. The ducks are wooden, and are products of Cooper’s devotion to the folk art tradition of duck decoys.

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