Gone Surfin’

Surfing doesn’t just involve the ocean. Surfing embodies the soul. Waves crest and break, each one a breath from the ocean that surfers sit on and ride. Most people are drawn to looking at the ocean because it is alluring and constantly changing, but surfers run right into the ocean and face the challenge of […]

Harriet Tubman’s Cape May Connection

The Treasury Department’s recent announcement that freedom fighter Harriet Tubman will replace President and slaveholder Andrew Jackson on the face of the $20 bill finally acknowledges Tubman’s place in the pantheon of American heroes. Most school children learn that Tubman, born a slave, freed herself and then risked her life time and again to return […]

An objective look at the past

When we finally arrive back home after visiting a friend in another city or staying in a vacation cottage for a week, even though we had a wonderful time, we are happy to step across the threshold of our own home. We plop down in our favorite chair or well-worn sofa, and let out a […]

The Ghosts of Congress Hall

Annie Knight, the owner and proprietor of Congress Hall strolls slowly down the building’s central, dark-paneled hallway, guiding guests and tourists through the two centuries since the building was first erected in 1816. The walls on both sides of the hallway are lined with scores of photographs, documents, letters and mementos of the historic seaside […]