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Rescue Squad

It’s a system of loyalty and trust. Loyalty to those who visit Cape May beaches, and trust among the lifeguards themselves. No occupation seems to

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The Beaten Track

When a November 2014 storm uncovered a span of railroad track at Sunset Beach, people were surprised. Few knew why train tracks would even be

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In the beginning

Forty-two years ago, God visited the Mainstay Inn. Well, it wasn’t actually the Supreme Being, and it wasn’t quite the Mainstay Inn, at least not

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Chasing Norman Rockwell

“It’s like a Norman Rockwell painting,” I’d say, describing Cape May’s charming atmosphere. I grew up 50 miles “up the road” from Cape May, and

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Freedom’s Corner

In the tense years before the Civil War, when heated debates about slavery resonated in the halls of Congress, when churches increasingly denounced its evils, when free blacks were beaten in northern cities, when thousands of courageous, determined people managed to free themselves and escape north, Cape May was deeply embroiled in this struggle for freedom.

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Smuggler’s Paradise

TV viewers may be familiar with the iconic opening from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Bottles of liquor from some unknown smuggler’s boat wash ashore on the

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Golden Slumbers

On the evening of December 8, 1980, Gene Schultz, now a Lower Township resident, but then of the prestigious Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in

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