Harbor Square

Movies in a theater are back! And Harbor Square is the place to go.
by Danielle Davies

Pictures of Lily

Picturing Lake Lily, the iconic body of water at Cape May Point
by David La Puma

Surfing the Seasons

Fickle Surf breaks create a more dedicated community of surfers in Cape May NJ
by Ryan Gallagher

Cape May’s birding history

As I have got older in life, I have begun to realize just what an impact our history has on shaping how we act and think, even today in this era of information. Although America is a young country, it has quite a rich history in regard to birds. When I first arrived in 1985,…

Review: The Sound of Wings by Suzanne Simonetti

Just as the monarch butterflies float through the Cape May skies during migration season, monarchs are found in many chapters of The Sound of Wings. This story is told from the perspective of three Cape May women who are all at various stages in their lives. Although at first the narratives appear unrelated, the reader…

Wawa turned real estate office

Though the look and feel—and, perhaps the hoagies—of Wawas along the East Coast have changed over time, the one that once stood at the gravitational center of town represented the original archetype of this east coast convenience store. Nevertheless, the building at 502 Bank Street now boasts a drastically different appearance compared to what previously…

Heads of the Glass: Colorful Artistry in Cape May

Life in the Glass Lane  As far back as he can remember, Christopher Michalek has been an artist. But working with stained glass has changed his life. His father, the late Mike Michalek, was a local porcelain artist who displayed his work throughout New Jersey. “My Dad turned me on to working with stained glass…