Cocktail: Mint Julep

Ingredients 2 oz premium bourbon 1/2 oz simple syrup 2 sprigs of fresh mint Rub the leaves from one sprig of mint on the inside of a traditional julep cup or highball glass. Leave mint leaves in the cup and pour in bourbon and simple syrup. Add ice and stir. Serve with a straw and…

Leadership During Crisis: A Conversation with Thad W. Allen

He has been named “The Master of Disaster” and “Katrina’s Point Man.” U.S. News & World Report lists him among the top 20 leaders of 2005. In 2011, he was featured by the Council on Foreign Relations in its HBO series History Makers, which focuses on some of the most important contributions by prominent individuals…

Scalloping: Addicted to the Adductor

For brainless, primitive bivalve mollusks, Atlantic sea scallops lead pretty interesting lives. The deceptively simple organisms live in vast beds along the ocean floor. Tucked just beneath the sand, where they burrow for safety, scallops are virtually invisible at first glance. But these plucky little creatures aren’t content to let life just pass them by….

Big Fish

How the MidAtlantic Fishing Tournament Impacts the Bottom Line