A Prompt for Restoration

A year ago, Ron Goldstein, then president of Cape May’s Chamber of Commerce, knew little about Stephen Smith and the summer home he built on Lafayette Street in 1846. And whenever Goldstein passed it on his way downtown, he could barely see the building behind the shrubs and trees that obscured it. But last year […]

The Devil and the Details

It isn’t too likely that Chris Carter, creator and screenwriter for Fox-TV’s The X-Files, had Benjamin Franklin on his mind back in 1993 when he penned the script for Season 1, Episode 5: The Jersey Devil. But in truth, it turns out that the genius behind Poor Richard’s Almanack had more than a little to […]

Creative Spaces: A visit to some local artists’ enclaves

After featuring area artists in our Local Talent column for the past year, we decided to take a look at some of their studios and workshop spaces to get a feel for where the magic happens. To that end, we paid a visit to the creative spaces of five artists—three painters and two crafters—to check […]

The Drama Backstage

I’m not exactly an actor. Actually, I’m precisely not an actor. Before this year, the entirety of my experience onstage was three and a half decades ago, when I played the role of King Claudius in an amateur production of Hamlet. Although I’m on the board of directors of Cape May Stage, which puts on […]