Cocktail: Beach Plum Farm Berry Mojito

Ingredients Fresh strawberries and blueberries Fresh mint leaves Wedge of lime 1oz simple syrup 1oz fresh lime juice 3oz rum Club soda In a tall glass, muddle fresh mint leaves and berries (The Nail uses organic strawberries and blueberries from Beach Plum Farm) with a wedge of lime. Fill the glass with ice. Add 1 […]

Gone with the Waves

For half a century, South Cape May was the summer retreat of working-class families, tourists and titans of industry. By the early 1950s, most of the town had washed out to sea. But for one early resident, the memories linger on.

Beach’s End

Even the Boss couldn’t save the Beach Theatre. Ten years ago, in the midst of a campaign by an ad hoc group of Cape May citizens to rescue the historic Beach Theatre, Bruce Springsteen joined the chorus. The citizens group, assembled under the banner of the Beach Theatre Foundation, had scrabbled together enough money to […]