Tapping into History

On an early morning in February, Cold Spring Village is still in hibernation. From the crushed clamshell parking lot you can see a few facades of the 26 buildings that make up this living history museum. As winter ebbs, they look perfectly frozen in time—a still, pastoral picture of the Early America we all read […]

How I came to jump off the Cape May-Lewes Ferry

I am a typical 49-year-old man. I have a wife and my two children are in college. I own a business that occupies a lot of my time and energy. A couple of years ago I realized I was carrying more weight than I should. My clothes were tight and I really didn’t have the […]

Painting the Town

The term “painted ladies of Cape May” might seem like a dig at someone who overdid the eyeshadow, but it definitely isn’t off-color when it comes to describing the city’s Victorian homes. Painting the exterior of the home is more than just surface protection, more than presenting a fresh face to the community; it is […]

The Beat Goes On

For anyone who knew George Mesterhazy, not a day goes by that we don’t think about this extraordinary man who left us too soon. It’s inconceivable that four years have passed, because every day it seems like it was yesterday that our collective worlds fell apart, paralyzed by the news of his death. We were […]

The horse you rode in on

Horses have always been among the most beloved of domesticated creatures. Regal, proud, majestic, as well as utilitarian, and possessed of distinct personalities and high intelligence, horses are one of the most prized and cherished of our four-legged friends. Cape May County is no different in enjoying this romance with the equine, dating back to […]